Posh Bingo Overview

Posh bingo is an excellent choice for UK based bingo players wanting to play bingo on the internet – it offers 90 ball and 75 ball bingo and has a wide variety of instant games too. With its special offers and promotions it is well worth considering for anyone looking for an online bingo room. It is part of the Joy of Bingo group of sites so benefits from the combined promotions that Joy of Bingo provide for all their sites. To read more about Posh bingo see below for an overview of the various bingo games at Posh bingo, including guaranteed jackpot games with pre-buy possible, progressive jackpot games, side games, bonuses and promotions all with 90 ball bingo and 75 ball bingo. We also have a separate article jackpot bingo games at Posh bingo just on Posh’s jackpot games and you can get to the Posh bingo site itself by clicking here to get to Posh bingo.

posh bingo

Variety of Bingo Games

Posh bingo offers both the main varieties of bingo – UK style 90 ball bingo and US style 75 ball bingo. After logging in to the site and clicking the ‘Claim Here’ button you are taken to the bingo lobby. This is nicely laid out with a series of tabs down the left hand side (the graphic is like a book with little tab bookmarks) and clicking those tabs will take you to the appropriate sections as listed below, along with a brief description of what is under those section:
Home – This page/section has a ‘diary’ on the left side which shows the games running that day, and for the following week by clicking on the appropriate day. Underneath is sometimes that day’s deposit bonus offer if there is one. On the right are some current promotions and a button to click – ‘All Games’ to get to a categorized list of all the side games at Posh – and there are a lot of them!
Free+ – This is a section of free bingo games or very low cost (less than 5p per card) bingo games. Also some ‘special’ games such as speed bingo are listed here.
5p – Bingo games or rooms with cards at 5p each.
10p – Bingo games or rooms with cards at 10p each.
50p-£2 – Bingo games or rooms with cards 50p to £2 each.
Pre-buys – These are the jackpot pre-buy games, both the big games with big prizes but also the daily penny pre-buys.
Specials – Special games, often one off special themed games or non regular jackpot games.
Slots – The various slot style side games at Posh, this also has the ‘All Games’ button like the home page, that allows you to pick from all the side games.
Joy – This section is where you keep track of the Joy Specials and the big Joy Pot jackpot game.
In the entry for each game under the sections described above there is a small black triangle in the lower right corner – that (if the room is open) shows 90 or 75 to indicate that game’s variety of bingo (90 or 75 ball). There is a large variety of bingo games available as can be seen, so check out the Posh bingo lobby for more details on the individual bingo rooms. The free bingo games are often for funded players only, and not all rooms are open all the time so bear in mind that some of the rooms will only be open at certain times. Typically some rooms aren’t open after midnight, however you will always be able to play bingo whatever the time in some rooms. For instance The Spa remains open 24/7, plus there are late night chat games in The Cocktail club which is open until 2am.

Speed Bingo

Posh bingo has speed bingo – where each game is over quickly so you can get more games in during your time, or if you just want a more fast and exciting bingo experience. There is a maximum of four daubs to win per game. The game is called ‘Posh MPH’ and can be found under the Free + tab in the bingo lobby. The room is open between 7.30 and 11.30 am every day.
Cards are between 5p and £1, you can buy between 1 and 24 cards per game. You must be a funded player to play Posh MPH speed bingo and the winner is the first to the coverall. Prizes are in JPs (Joy points, i.e. bonus points) not cash, but of course you can trade JPs in for bingo funds.

Penny Bingo

Penny bingo is just what is says, bingo for a penny a card. Lots of bingo fun for your money at that price! The prize is a guaranteed £25 for the given pattern for the game. The game runs daily at 8:15pm in the Daily penny room(s) under the pre-buy tab. It counts as a prebuy jackpot game so you can even prebuy your cards.
Cards are 1p (naturally!) and you can buy between 1 and 96 cards per game including prebuys. Funded players only, prize is shared if more than one winner.

Free Bingo

Posh bingo has two varieties of free bingo. At 8:30am and 8:30pm (i.e. twice a day) there is the Daily Dosh game with £50 in free bingo funds available per game to win. You can get between 1 and 6 cards for these games, and they run (as the name implies) every day. There is also over £250 in bingo funds (in total, per day) available in the Freebies room, games run every few minutes and the prizes vary with JoyPoints (bonus points) or small bingo funds prizes of £1 to £3 per game. You get 6 cards per game for the Freebies games.
All players are eligible for these free games, all prizes are in JPs or bingo funds. The games play in the rooms of the same names, i.e. Daily Dosh and Freebies under the Free+ tab in the lobby.

Team Bingo

Taking part in Posh bingo’s Team Bingo doesn’t involve doing anything extra, just playing bingo as usual. But it does give you a chance to win extra free bonus points (JPs). The way it works is that if you sign up for it, you are randomly placed in a team. The random placement (as opposed to being able to choose you team) balances things out and makes it fair, as if a few high spenders could team together they would win it every fortnight. This also means you get the chance to meet new people and make bingo friends.
All that happens then is that the team game runs over two weeks, with the leaderboard updated daily. At the end of the two weeks the team that scores the most will win extra bonus JPs and the scores will get reset, and the teams reshuffled. In the event of a tie the team that has bingoed the most on the ‘Letter P’ pattern wins the tie break. The score is the number of bingoes each team make in total. To check out more on this go to the Posh bingo promotion page and click on the more info button on the Team Bingo entry. You can sign up from there (if you are a Posh bingo member of course).
Bingo jackpot games
Below is just an overview, for more information on bingo jackpot games at Posh see our article on Posh bingo jackpot games here.
Guaranteed jackpots
All these jackpots are coverall ones, for more details click here to get to the games details page of Posh bingo (opens in new window) then click on the ‘Prebuy Jackpots’ link there. Alternatively log in to the Posh bingo lobby and click the Pre-buys tab. A lot of jackpot games have the option to pre-buy your tickets so you don’t have to miss out even if you can’t get to the computer when the game is running.
It should be noted that there are special rules with respect to the big jackpots that are laid out at the bottom of the terms and conditions page at Posh Bingo. You are strongly recommended to read them to avoid disappointment – you can only win the big prizes if you have a funded account and there are minimum card buys. Also if you do win a large amount the money is paid out in yearly installments. The Terms and Conditions page is linked from the site map, which is linked at the bottom of the Posh Bingo site home page. We are talking about the very large £1,000,000 and above prizes here though! On the other hand it is a good idea to read the terms and conditions in any case.
Posh Ton
The Posh Ton has a £100 guaranteed jackpot, and runs every Tuesday at 7:30pm UK time. Cards are 10p each and you can buy between 1 and 96 cards. Pre-buys available and the game room is under the pre-buy tab. The £100 prize pool is split at one line = £20, two lines = £30 and full house = £50. There is also a special 1TG (one to go) prize of £10 split/shared between everyone who had one to go when the full house hits. Funded players only.
£500 Thursday Bliss
The £500 Thursday Bliss game is so called because it has a £500 guaranteed prize pool, however it is split between £100 for the first person to bingo on the Pound Sign pattern, and the remaining £400 shared between all the 1TG (one to go) winners. Every Thursday at 8pm UK time and cards are 25p each. You can prebuy the cards, and can get between 1 and 48 cards per game.
Find the room under the Pre-Buy tab, funded players only. This is a 75 ball bingo game.
Dreams of £1,000,000
The Dreams of £1,000,000 game (previously called Dreams of Dosh) plays every Friday at 10pm UK time. There is a minimum guaranteed £1,000 jackpot, cards are £1 each and you can buy between 5 and 24 cards per game. Funded players only, prebuys available. Game room under the pre-buys tab. The jackpot is for getting a coverall on this 75 ball bingo game, and although it is unlikely you will get a million pounds there is always the chance, and the guaranteed minimum is a nice prize in any case!
Glitzy £750
The Glitzy £750 runs every other Saturday at 9pm UK time. Cards are 50p each and the £750 guaranteed jackpot prize pool is split as follows: Full House £400, Two Lines £200, One Line £100, 1TG £30 , 2TG £20 (1TG is one to go etc.). All prizes are split/shared if there is more than one winner.
You can buy (and pre-buy) between 1 and 48 cards per game, and the game room can be found under the prebuys tab.
Sliding £500 in the Jazz Cafe
The sliding £500 game runs every hour on the hour in the Jazz Cafe, between 7pm and midnight every day UK time. The faster you bingo, the bigger the prize from a guaranteed minimum of £30 (at 48 calls) up to the big prize of £500 (at 25 calls) – but check the Sliding £500 entry on the Posh bingo promotion page for details on how the jackpot lowers as more balls are called without a bingo.
Cards are 10p each, and you can find the Jazz Cafe under the 10p tab in the lobby. No prebuys possible as the game runs so often, just buy your cards in the room before the game begins. The bingo criterion is the coverall pattern.
There are more scheduled jackpot games at posh bingo, so if you want to check these out on the site itself click the banner above.
Progressive jackpots
Progressive jackpots are where the jackpot prize builds up and keeps getting bigger until someone wins it. So if the jackpot hasn’t been won for a while you can get some really big prizes. Posh bingo has progressive jackpot games in both 75 ball and 90 ball bingo.
The Stiletto is the 75 ball progressive jackpot and is so called because the special pattern for the jackpot is called the Stiletto (the pattern looks like a stiletto heeled shoe) – this is 12 numbers to hit (i.e. 12 slots to daub) and you have to do it in 30 calls or less to win the jackpot. 31 calls or more and the progressive rolls over to the next game getting a bit bigger but you still get the specified jackpot for that game, just not the progressive one. If the progressive is won it resets and starts again from £250. This progressive jackpot game runs in the evening (7pm – midnight every day) and is available 7 times an hour in two different bingo rooms on the site.
The 90 ball progressive jackpot game at Posh bingo is called the S-t-r-e-t-c-h Limo. It is a coverall jackpot (i.e. full house) and you have to get the full house in 38 balls or less to get the progressive jackpot. This is available on all 90 ball Bingo games at all times throughout the day! If the jackpot is won it resets at £100.
See the ‘progressive jackpots’ link on the games page of Posh bingo for more details. Note that although the progressive jackpots entry on that page is accurate, some of the other entries can be a bit out of date sometimes.
Side games
Posh bingo has lots of side games and instant win games that you can play in between games of bingo, or even at the same time. If you click on the games page link above you can see links to sections with descriptions of the various games available that complement the range of bingo games at Posh bingo. I will give an overview of the side games available at Posh bingo in the subsections below, but do check the site out as these can change and there is a lot more than I can cover here!
‘All games’ button
There are lots of slot games, newer ones that you might not have seen before, progressive slots with progressive jackpots associated with them, football based instant games, arcade style games. Slots with an adventure theme, a fantasy theme, cute ones, more traditional fruit machines, pirate slots! There are also scratchcards and ‘table games’ which covers roulette.
There are too many games to cover here in any detail as each of the categories I have mentioned have several games in them. So check them out from the Posh bingo lobby – clicking on the ‘all games’ button gives you a massive list of the instant games available at Posh, categorised in a tab list of all different kinds of slots and instant games.
Slots tab in lobby
Apart from the detailed lists available by clicking the above mentioned ‘all games’ button there is a tab in the lobby which gets you to the biggest and most popular slots games on Posh. Here you will find the slots games Paradise Reels, Pirate Princess, Sands of Fortune, a Roulette game, Jewel Journey and Bejewelled. Those are on the left of the slots tab. On the right are the progressive slots, which I have described in a bit more detail below, and also the new slots such as The X Factor, Wheel of Fortune, Monopoly and Cleopatra.
Instant progressive jackpot games
You don’t have to play bingo to be in with a chance of a big progressive jackpot win. There are special slots-like instant games available as side games at Posh Bingo that have an ‘ordinary’ version but also a special ‘progressive jackpot’ version. The jackpot is capped, but is a large number so they are worth playing for. What Posh did is take their most popular regular instants and add a progressive jackpot version – so there are two versions of the games Double Up Ducks, Fluffy Favourites, Aztec Rising, Posh Bingo and Piggy Payout. For instance the regular version of Piggy Payout is on the ‘Cheeky Slots’ tab as is the regular version of the Posh Bingo slot. All the progressive jackpot versions of these instant games are under the progressive slots section of the slots tab in the home bingo lobby, or the progressive slots entry under the ‘All Games’ pop up/drop down again from the bingo lobby home page.
Each of the progressive jackpot versions of the instant slots have three progressive jackpots – a mini, a maxi and a mega – which have individual caps. They are still progressive though and are often won before they reach their caps, but the caps do give you an idea of the relative size of the jackpots. The current jackpot amounts are displayed at the top of the game as you play it. The jackpot wins are triggered randomly at the end of each game. The minimum bet per line per game is one credit, and the cost of a credit in pence is listed in the game window. Here are the various caps on these progressive jackpots as of the time of writing this article as a guide:
Double Up Ducks Progressive:
Mega – £5,000
Maxi – £750
Mini – £200
Fluffy Favourites Progressive:
Mega – £50,000
Maxi – £500
Mini – £70
Aztec Rising Progressive:
Mega – £5,000
Maxi – £700
Mini – £70
Piggy Payout Progressive:
Mega – £10,000
Maxi – £4,000
Mini – £1,300
Posh Bingo Progressive:
Mega – £25,000
Maxi – £600
Mini – £60
Bonuses and promotions
There are lots of promotions at Posh bingo. These obviously change with the season or holiday so do keep an eye on the Posh bingo promotions page – click here to get to the Posh bingo promotion page, or you can check our bingo news blog where the latest promotions will be posted if I find out about them including ones at short notice for the weekend and so on.
Some of the promotions have been listed on this page under other headings, special jackpots, team bingo, cash back scheme, deposit bonuses all count as promotions. Penny bingo, free bingo etc. There are some promotions that are cross-site across all the Joy of Bingo sites such as the Million a month, £15k Joy Love Pot and more. Check out the promotions page above and keep an eye on the news!
Cash back scheme
Posh bingo run a cash back scheme – called Flash Cashback – where eligible players will have 10% of their losses refunded back as bingo funds each week. There is an upper limit of £200 per week for this, and losses on both bingo and instant games count. However, only losses on money deposited that week count – so if you deposit and then play those funds over a few weeks you will only get cash back on the first weeks play in which the deposit occurs.
The cash back will be credited in bonus funds once a week on a Friday, for funded players only and will be calculated from the previous Friday to Thursday inclusive. Minimum £1 (and maximum £200 as stated above). This basically means that to take advantage of this you should deposit smaller amounts weekly if you are a regular player. However, Posh do reserve the right to exclude players from this if they ‘abuse the system’. Not sure what that entails exactly but be careful I guess.
Deposit bonuses
There are special bonuses for new members (first time depositors) to Posh bingo, as well as regular promotions and redeposit bonuses for players who are already members. For new members Posh offer a first deposit bonus of 250% on a deposits of £5 to £100. Standard redeposit bonuses are 50% on a deposit of at least £10 (up to a deposit of £100 for a £50 bonus), but they often run higher deposit bonus percentages over a long weekend (as do other Joy of Bingo sites) so keep an eye on the bingo news blog for the deposit bonus codes for those.
There are wagering requirements that you have to complete in order to partake of these deposit bonuses, and you cannot cash out bonus money it is only available for playing bingo with. For details of these requirements for the bonuses you have to find the banking page on the Posh Bingo site – click on the ‘Site Map’ at the bottom of the Posh Bingo web page, then select the ‘Banking’ page for all the small print.
Loyalty scheme
Posh bingo has a loyalty scheme involving bonus points – you can check your loyalty point balance in your account once you are a member, and you get points for bingo card purchases. Make sure your account with Posh is registered using the same email address as any other Joy of Bingo sites you may be a member of, as the loyalty scheme is now in ‘Joy Points’ and is combined across the sites in certain ways. You can then redeem these points for money to be added to your account, or occasionally Posh might offer special ‘treats’ that can be obtained for these bonus or Joy points.
More details on the loyalty scheme can be found under the site map mentioned above (link right at the bottom of the Posh bingo home page on the web) and selecting ‘Loyalty’. You get 1 point for a 5p-9p card purchase and then ranging up to 10 points for a £1 card purchase. You can redeem 1,000 points for £1 in bingo funds. Do check the site itself though as this could change.
Funding and support
Posh bingo accepts credit cards, debit cards, and also services such as Neteller, Ukash and Paysafecard. Withdrawals are usually to the method as you deposited with. There are various limits in place such as a minimum deposit amount of £5, but bear in mind that the minimum deposit to qualify for bonuses other than the initial one is a bit higher at £10. Before you can make a withdrawal a minimum of £20 has to be deposited, and wagered at least once. There are deposit limits you can set too, and everything to do with funding is available via the cashier, which in turn is available from a button in your account section once you are logged in.
Support is via the help section on the site which has an email form and also a phone number for telephone support. There are FAQ articles to help with common questions about the games and so on, and also live internet chat with operators which is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (as long as there is a free operator). Also the site map mentioned above links to a few helpful pages on the Posh Bingo site that aren’t otherwise linked to, so check that out too.

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